Shawnie and I are going to India in April!
After Haiti fell through … I emailed Melanie Hutchinson to see if we could visit her.
She was more than welcoming and willing to serve us and show us around.

We leave Thursday, April 17th at 9pm, but with the date line and time change, we won’t get there until Saturday the 19th about 5pm.
We will spend the first 2 days at OM (hopefully) and visit Lydia Project on Monday the 21st.

Then, Melanie will pick us up on Monday and we will have Tuesday – Saturday to visit the Leper Colony as well as My Choices, the organization with whom she is working now.

We fly home on Sunday the 27th at 7am and get home the same day about 7pm.

We will miss Easter.  Although Mom will take the kids to the egg hunt and make a ham dinner.
I have lined up friends to help watch the kids.
Thankfully, Friday the 18th is the last CC.  So, they will have that to look forward to.

The biggest downside is that in April … India is HOT!  Like 90 degrees PLUS hot!
I’m sure I’m in for one of the biggest cultural experiences of my life!
I have no idea what to expect.
But I’m super excited!