An obsession.
A God given passion.
Every morning I wake up,
– I see their faces.
– I smell the earth.
– I hear the laughter
– I imagine I’m there

It’s grabbed a hold of my heart.
It consumes me.

Last night, we watched kids from Teen Missions talk about Motorcycle Missions.
The video was filmed in Africa.
As the bikes drove up the path… kids from all over came running.
Squeals of joy and laughter filled the air.

As I watched, tears filled my eyes.
Africa has a hold on my heart.

At the end of 2013, we were at my parents condo in Cuchara for the New Year.
I felt that God impressed upon me a vision for Mavuno Market.
10 – 1,000 – 10

10 years.
1,000 jobs.
10 countries.

I sense that God would have us strive to create more jobs.
Although it may or not be through artisan work.
Instead it might be by creating jobs that are locally sustainable.
Chicken coops.
Seamstress programs.

Micro enterprise loans – in addition to importing hand made goods.

Until now, we have partnered with larger organizations.
Tom and Christie in Rwanda.
Shelley in Haiti.

Just two days ago, World Magazine arrived in our mailbox.
Papillion Enterprises and Shelley’s story made the front cover.
She’s created a name for herself … and that will only propel her further.
But her vision does not include discipleship or evangelism.

I want to not only create jobs … but see lost souls won for Christ.
I want to not only hep keep families in tact … but see believers more grounded in their faith.

So, my thoughts include taking 2-3 trips a year.
Visiting new countries.
Establishing new partnerships.
Creating more jobs.
Partnering with local pastors for discipleship programs.

I want the money we spend to create jobs to have a direct impact.
And so, we will pray and seek God’s direction.
We will follow His leading … and intentionally seek out new partnerships…
over the next 10 years
creating 1,000 jobs
in 10 different countries.

It’s a vision that breathes life into my soul!