I’ve been planning a trip to Haiti in February.
Back in October, I had quite a few ladies interested in going with me.
At one point, there was –
    a nurse
    a massage therapist
    a metal jewelry stamper
    a photographer
    a french speaker
By the middle of December, it was just me, Shawnie (the massage therapist) and a gal from Colorado Springs (a photographer).
I was still excited to go.
The Apparent Project has grown since I was there last January.
Shelley added a smoothie bar, pottery, and metal art.
But as my conversation unfolded with Shelley over email,
I learned that she has moved more into an business administrative role.
She’s not working with teams anymore.
And that includes me.
She suggested that if I want to go there, I should talk to Ted.
I don’t know Ted.  He and his wife have recently joined AP.
I’m sure he’s a great guy.
But Shelley is the one with whom I want to spend time.
She has made it clear that she won’t have time to spend with me.
I’m feeling quite disappointed.
I was really looking forward to it.
I’ve been looking into other options and seeking out another possibility.
Maybe India.
Visiting Lydia Project in Hyderabad has been on my list.
So, I’m starting to gather information and look into the details.
It would be a super short trip.
I could probably only be gone for 10 days.
But I’m hoping.
And praying.
And waiting.