This precious girl is FOUR!
I’ve been trying to tell her … I’m not ready for her to be four.
She did not listen.
And we had great fun celebrating her.
On Saturday the 11th, we went to the P’s house for lunch …
then to see a matinee of Frozen.

She wanted a Frozen birthday.
Besides the movie, she got —
a “frozen” cake – my attempt at an ice cream cake
a Frozen book
a Frozen coloring book
and all the Frozen figures
Then naturally, she got Minnie Mouse …
an outfit from Richie
footies from Aunt Shawn
and an outfit from me

On Sunday, Erin Shay came to visit us.
Because of my miserable failure of an ice cream cake, 
I just had to make another one …
complete with the Frozen figures on top.

Then, on Monday, her bday, she got to choose her favorite meals.
Breakfast – milk, graham crackers, and peanut butter toast, not toasted
Lunch – macaroni and cheese and hotdogs
Dinner – chicken and tater tots
And I took her to the Rec Center pool!
The rest of her presents arrived from Amazon.
So, she got to open 2 more presents.
Liberty is such a sweetie.
She gives the best hugs.
She loves to play with Sawyer, and have Shiloh sing to her, and have Landon there to look out for her.
She still loves to have her warm cup of milk every morning.
She loves to sing. 
She loves to do her preschool work.
I can’t imagine our lives with out her.
She is truly a gift.