In 2006, when we were living in Kalispell, Montana,
we decided to start a weekly tradition of 
Friday Night Pizza/ Movie Night
Home made pizza.
A movie, of the kids choosing.
Sometimes Steve and I watch, and sometimes we don’t.
But the kids love it because they get to eat in front of the TV.
And they get to drink an Izze.
Well, this year, I decided it was high time we added
Sunday Night Family Game Night
Our first night was January 2nd in Cuchara.
We played Outburst Junior.
The kids loved it!
Last night, I taught them how to play Bar Dice.
Although it seemed that there was more wrestling going on than playing the game …
it was good fun.
I feel compelled to start a night like this before the kids aren’t interested.
It’s good bonding and good fun!